Personal Training

All the focus is on you and your goals, making them more achievable:

That means you are constantly being shepherded towards your goals and outcomes, giving you a more meaningful experience.

You can scale your pace and intensity as you choose and as your limits allow:

We all have individual differences when training alone with just your trainer leading. As such, you can scale your experience up or down based on your limits which are typically influx but do decline after exertion.

You can discover and target specific weaknesses:
With a personal trainer, you can more easily pinpoint weaknesses, imbalances, and deviations and begin working on them.

You can have your program modified based on your needs and circumstances:
When life gets in the way, you can easily arrange your schedule or workout structure to change according to the situation at hand. No need to inconvenience a whole group of other people.

You can develop a personal, more constructive relationship with your trainer:
Building rapport is one of the key elements of a productive trainer/client relationship.



Fun and high energy workout environment:
The upbeat vibe of a group session is a big draw.

The social aspect makes group workouts so much more engaging:
The bonding experience, a motivational factor of social activity and even the competitive drive, are all great social incentives.

Networking opportunities:
It’s not just an opportunity to make friends (or even get a date), group fitness classes might be a watering hole for useful professional collaboration opportunities.

Less of a strict, high-pressure expectation to hit targets and goals:
Because the focus is more on the fun element than on any strictly defined goals, there is less pressure.

Great way to relieve stress:
Because group training is cardio dominant, it brings with it a great endorphin rush often known as the runners high. This rush is a great and healthy natural stress relief.